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welcome to Odie's Dough
your new local favorite for fresh baked breads and other goods each made to order with love and passion.
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just good food
Odie's takes no shortcuts in any step of the bread making process from developing each recipe and sourcing quality ingredients to scoring each loaf with strategic technique.
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Recipes coming soon
as an avid lover of creating and eating food, I can't help but share my own and other creators' recipes of everything tasty.

welcome to odie’s dough

where we make small batch & scratch made breads fresh to order with love and passion.


see what's currently available as we are always adding and changing our menu based on a variety of factors such as customer requests and seasonal ingredients


if you love trying new recipes in your kitchen, here are some I've tried and tested with allergen swaps to curate to everyone in your home

subscription service

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Why Odie’s?

  • SAFE. Odie’s Dough safely operates under Wisconsin’s State Cottage Laws. I am certified under ‘ServSafe Food Protection Manager’ as of 12/10/2021 meaning I hold myself to the highest food safety standards ensuring my product is as well. I am also certified in ‘Food Safety of Catering Level 2′ as of 03/19/2020 by ‘City & Guilds’
  • LOCAL. now more than ever, we are encouraged to support local. we love sharing our food with the community and surrounding areas and we’re so excited to start giving back.
  • QUALITY. I do my best sourcing quality ingredients to a quality product every time.
  • ALLERGEN FRIENDLY. Odie’s does not use any animal derived products such as dairy and eggs. please refer to each product’s ALLERGEN statement. if you are unsure, please email us to confirm.